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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      2nd October 2017

Practice management software is not just about appointment booking, although, of course, this is a very important purpose of them. Most modern systems have the capacity to do so much more.  

Here are four ways in which you might not be getting the most from your software and therefore could be holding back the practice’s full potential:


  1. Marketing – for practices to improve or streamline their current marketing processes, leading practice management solutions can assist. Email marketing is a popular communication channel because it can be personalised to suit individual preferences and help promote brand awareness for the business. An important step before sending out any emails is database segmentation, i.e. grouping patients together according to a certain criteria, which is possible on most management systems and will ensure a better response when it comes to e-marketing.
  2. Staff productivity – the software allows ‘reminders’ to be sent automatically, either via email or text message (whatever the patient prefers) rather than administrative staff needing to waste time calling all their patients. It can also easily identify who are waiting for an appointment or who are flexible on times so that the schedule book always remains full and staff keep productive.
  3. Communication – most systems allow an informal conversation with a patient to be ‘tagged’, meaning that on their next visit, whichever practitioner sees them, discussions can easily continue from where they were left. The patient feels valued because the member of staff is fully aware of their situation, and the professional feels empowered to approach the clinical case fully informed.
  4. Online National Health Service (NHS) Claims – the eDental NHS Scotland system has helped practices to claim their reimbursements more efficiently through an online process. However, it is a process that has been outside of a practice’s management software capability, until recently. Carestream Dental has integrated this function into the already comprehensive CS R4+ system to ensure even more streamlined workflows. Claims can now be instantly sent from clinical charts, receiving back acceptance or rejection in ‘real time’, and patient details can be checked – such as their Community Health Index (CHI) number – and then updated in CS R4+ if needed. 

The number of practice management systems available on the market is vast, and the amount of choices within those systems can be overwhelming. In reality, a typical dental practice only utilises a very small number of the features available on the software, quickly getting into a habit of using the same processes day-in, day-out. By allocating time to understand better what is available on your system, you can enjoy greater efficiencies and improved patient care.


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