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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      22nd October 2017

Committed to helping you improve and maintain your patients’ oral health, TANDEX offers a range of proven solutions to suit the needs of each individual.

As professionals discovered at the BDIA Dental Showcase, FLEXI™ remains a leading product in the field. The high quality interdental brush features a robust design for maximum durability and its longer-than-usual filaments ensure food debris and plaque is comfortably and effectively removed from all interdental spaces.

Among other solutions on display was the PROXI™ interdental brush with a plastic head covering the metal tip for minimal trauma to the soft tissue. The PREVENT GEL™ also proved popular: developed especially for use with FLEXI™ or PROXI™ interdental brushes, it contains chlorhexidine plus 0.2% sodium fluoride and is non-abrasive for a gentle yet effective clean. Visitors to the stand also found out about the customer club, an exciting new project from TANDEX.

Discover more about how TANDEX could help your patients elevate their oral health status today!


For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
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