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  Posted by: manpreet.boora      22nd October 2017

Having remained dedicated to improving the oral health of the nation for the past 235 years, Wisdom Toothbrushes demonstrated its wealth of experience at the BDIA Dental Showcase.

Delegates were keen to discover its latest solutions, including the Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental Brushes that are clinically proven to reduce gingival disease. The UK’s No. 1 selling rubber interdental brushes, they are completely wire-free for enhanced patient comfort and they feature a tapered, flexible design that sides easily between the teeth for a gentle yet highly effective clean.

Available in three sizes and suitable for those with orthodontic appliances, crowns, bridges, periodontal problems and implants, they are ideal for patients who have previously found wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use.

Visitors to the stand also found out more about the new Proflex Interdental Brushes, featuring a flexible neck and curved handle for enhanced access to the back of the mouth and other difficult-to-reach areas. With reduced pressure on the wire for extended product life and a wire coating for improved patient experience, they are another fine example of the quality Wisdom has become known for.


To find out more, please visit www.wisdomtoothbrushes.com or

call 01440 714800


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