BDA Benevolent Fund calls for support before the festive season begins


  Posted by: manpreet.boora      23rd October 2017

Last week at the Dental Showcase in Birmingham, Professor Ros Keeton, chair of the BDA Benevolent Fund spoke about the importance of helping dentists who have financial difficulties together.

Professor Ros Keeton said: “We recently supported a middle-aged dentist who had been a highly successful Associate. Like many, he took the next step and purchased his own practice. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, it didn’t work out as expected and he ran into significant debt.

“He was horrified to find himself in such a situation. He just didn’t think this was something that would happen to him. Thankfully, someone suggested he contact the BDA Benevolent Fund and we were able to provide financial support to help with his living costs, weekly food bills and the mortgage – while he sorted out his business.

“He returned to working as an Associate and hasn’t looked back since.”

BDA Benevolent Fund offers additional financial support at this time of year to ensure that families don’t miss out.

Professor Ros Keeton explains, “we aim to help dentists resolve their financial difficulties by getting back to work, either in dentistry or with a new opportunity.”

If you, or a dentist you know, are facing financial difficulties, please contact BDA Benevolent Fund, in confidence, on 020 7486 4994, or visit for more information.

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