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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd November 2017

Where do dental health plans rank in benefits packages? In 2012, there was a sharp contradiction between employers’ recognition of the importance of dental health to employees’ well-being, at 82 percent, and the actual number of employers who offered dental health schemes, which was less than 25 percent in one survey.

In 2016, the situation was little changed, with the Munroe Sutton 2016 Dental Benefits Report finding that 64 percent of employers did not offer any type of dental scheme. This lack of support for dental health was reflected in their employees’ attendance at dental appointments, with almost 30 percent admitting they had not visited the dentist in the past two years. For most, cost was the issue; 57 percent said they would attend the dentist twice a year if they had assistance with payment.

Among the low-cost benefits schemes that fulfil both employer and employee needs is Munroe Sutton’s Dental Discounts, which does not have any exclusions for pre-existing conditions. It includes savings of as much as 20 percent on the cost of dental care, access to an extensive network of private dentists and coverage for family members, which was another point of concern for some employees.

Paying attention to what employees really want works to the advantage of employers.

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