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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th November 2017

Buying a dental unit is a lot like finding the perfect suit or pair of jeans – they’re both a nightmare to find the right colour and style, and require a lot of shopping around to find ‘the one’ that fits your specific requirements. But as we all know, that time, effort and stress is totally worth it if you find the perfect fit.

Of course, it’s always helpful to have that one friend you know you can rely on to be honest about how you really look, steering you away from the cut that just isn’t flattering no matter how much you like it. It’s the same with dental units; so if you need advice on which model would be most suitable for you and your clinical needs, here’s a few points to consider.

Ergonomics is everything in dentistry, so unless the dental unit you’ve got your eye on enables you to practice safely with good posture, it’s no good. The dental chair that you choose must give you easy access to the patient, be easily manoeuvrable and offer effortless adjustment to ensure enduring comfort. The practicality of the design plays an important role in this as it helps to reduce twisting, turning and stretching, which as we know are some of the leading causal factors of musculoskeletal pain. You must therefore look closely at even the smallest details, such as the distance and manoeuvrability of the trays and extendable arms, and flexibility of the chair height. These elements may not be exciting, but they are necessary to protect your long-term physical health.

There are a number of functions that are a must if you are to achieve optimal clinical performance, including a headrest that can be adjusted to the patient’s needs, synchronised movement of the seat and backrest and easy-to-operate foot pedals that can be used to control multiple dental unit functions simultaneously. A touch screen control panel should also be high up on the wish list if you’re looking for a chair to match your clinical skills, one that will let you save the working parameters of each instrument to your personal preferences and needs. There are some models available with built in advanced software where specialist treatment settings can be programmed, so be sure to shop around to find a suitable dental unit with the latest technology.

Other than that, you should give thought to how a chair would work with the available space and surgery surroundings; as a long-term investment it has to compliment what’s already in place.

Don’t be let down by hygiene; ergonomics and functionality might be up there at the top of your requirements, but safety is still key. After all, your chair is the centre point of your treatment room – it’s where you spend as many as 2,000 hours a year treating your patients – so it’s crucial that you are able to keep it clean and free from dangerous pathogens. To safeguard patients and professionals alike and ensure compliance, be sure to look for a dental unit with quality-made seamless upholstery that can be cleaned effectively and won’t wear over time. A chair with removable autoclavable parts is also ideal, as is built in automatic disinfection technology in the spray water circuits and dental unit waterlines.

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As you would when shopping for that perfect suit or pair of jeans, it’s also important to consider who you’re buying from as well as what you’re buying. Does the company have a proven track record in quality and reliability, or are they renowned for producing cheaper, more basic dental units? Choosing to invest in a chair from a company based on price rather than credentials can end up costing more in the long run, which is why it is always best to spend a bit more the first time round – you get what you pay for, after all.

Better still opt for a dealer with a history of unrivalled customer service, first-rate technical support and experience in installing and maintaining equipment to the highest standard. RPA Dental offers all of this alongside five-star dental units such as the Castellini Skema 8, which encompasses the very best in technology and design to guarantee exceptional performance.

Ultimately, a dental unit is one of the biggest and most important investments in the dental practice, so be sure to find your ‘perfect fit’.

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