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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2017

For unrivalled barrier protection to help block infection transmission pathways choose the Vitality range of single-use gloves from Unigloves.

Unigloves is a market-leading expert in the manufacture of disposable gloves and has developed the Vitality Latex range of gloves specifically for the dental sector.

Natural latex has the ability to reseal when punctured and Unigloves also take extra steps in the production of these premium quality gloves to ensure that the highest standards of protection are achieved.

Made from 100% latex with no chemical fillers and low protein content, Vitality gloves are powder-free and low allergy. The gloves also include a microfilm inner coating of natural moisturisers to provide soothing comfort and nourishment to the skin during extended wear.

The Vitality range features a fully micro-roughened surface for optimal grip. There is a choice of sizes available and there is even a scented option with pleasant citrus and peppermint for increased patient comfort.

To confidently and effectively protect your patients and the dental team from infection pathways, contact Unigloves now.

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