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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th December 2017

If you aspire to clinical excellence, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s (BACD) Accreditation pathway could be the perfect choice for you.

As one of the UK’s most recognised and respected professional accolades, BACD Accreditation is a way for dental practitioners to showcase their exceptional clinical skills. Undoubtedly a challenging process, candidates will be expected to provide high-quality clinical cases, complete with appropriate photographic documentation as well as completing a Viva examination. Nevertheless, the outcome will be an enriching educational experience that will compel you and your peers to view your work in a new way.

The BACD community will support candidates throughout the process with helpful advice and extensive resources, to ensure that applicants have the very best chance of becoming exceptional.

Once passed, Accredited Members of the BACD will be able to proudly display their status as one of the most clinically competent cosmetic practitioners in the country, improving their credibility.

Aim for, and achieve, something exceptional with the BACD – consider the exclusive Accreditation pathway today.

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