CALCIVIS® – The Brand New Demineralisation Detection Device

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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th December 2017

Identifying active demineralisation of tooth enamel can be challenge. All practitioners want to prevent disease at its earliest stages and now the unique CALCIVIS early demineralisation detection imaging system is available to show you how.

CALCIVIS is an exciting and innovative new development for the dental sector offering practitioners the advanced technology they need to deliver non-invasive management and therapy.

Using a recombinant photoprotein the CALCIVIS imaging system identifies free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces. It offers a means to track this process at its earliest and most reversible stage and it is completely non-invasive for patients.

The CALCIVIS system produces a chair side visual map of active demineralisation and delivers all the necessary information that practitioners need to begin prompt, preventive treatment. This also acts as an invaluable education and communication tool in the treatment room that’s certain to help empower patients and enhance oral health.

For a better chance of inhibiting disease in its earliest stages, contact CALCIVIS today.

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