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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd February 2018

Does your practice prioritise children’s oral health?

If children learn good, preventative behaviours now, they can avoid serious dental problems in later life. With statistics showing more needs to be done to improve children’s oral health in the UK, dentists have to put these patients at the top of their agenda.

Tandex – the producer of high-quality brushes, interdental brushes and adjunctive products – knows how important it is to invest in the oral health of your youngest patients and can provide the tools to do the job well.

It has brushes that can be used safely by children, for a gentle, effective clean, twice a day. As they grow up, they can graduate to other products in the Tandex family, including interdental brushes and mouth rinses. Learning to properly care for their mouth will become second nature if it starts early.

By prioritising children’s oral health and helping parents to supervise correct brushing, dentists will be leading the way to a brighter future.

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