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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

“I worked with Alison Willcock from Dental Elite on the recent sale of my practice, and she was extremely supportive and accommodating,” says Ian Clift, a dentist with over 30 years’ experience. “There’s always a lot going on during the sale, especially in the beginning, but having Alison around to act as the mediator and provide advice certainly took the heat off.

“The most challenging part of the sale was that the transaction took a year to complete, as a result of switching from a share sale to an asset sale during the process. If the appropriate preparation had been done earlier it wouldn’t have caused such a problem, but as it was the various changes had to be made during the sale, and that in turn caused a few problems for the buyers when trying to secure finance.

“I must say, however, that none of these problems were Dental Elite’s fault, and I was very fortunate to have Alison by my side to fight my corner.”

To find out more about Ian’s experience and other Dental Elite sales, go online today. Alternatively, call the experienced sales team today for a consultation.

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