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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

“I am particularly impressed by the fact that less effort is required in terms of polishing completed restorations, and it is very easy to produce a glossier surface finish when necessary,” says Dr Reginald O’ Neill from Billericay, Essex, of his experience with BRILLIANT EverGlow® composite from COLTENE.

”I chose it because, as a submicron hybrid composite, it displays an excellent surface shine immediately after curing which reduces the effort required to finish any restoration. Its exceptional shape retention and customisation of fissures, for example, works well without collapse of modelling before polymerisation. And it is a much better material in regard to not sticking to dental instruments than comparative products.

“BRILLIANT EverGlow® composite is also very versatile for use in all teeth, anterior and posterior. The shading of the composite material is able to blend with the natural tooth thanks to the duo shade formulation, even with only a single shade application.

“My patients are delighted with the product, and it has my unreserved recommendation, too; it does exactly what it says it will!”

To find out more visit www.coltene.com, email info.uk@coltene.com or call 01444 235486

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