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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

If you refer a patient to EndoCare we can guarantee that we will give them the best service and communicate with you promptly at each stage of your patient’s time with us. This will include what treatment is required, what treatment has taken place, and what is required in the future. We will also recommend the type of restoration most suitable as well as the timing, and we will follow-up the patient as necessary.

With many years’ combined experience, the EndoCare team are prepared for even the most complex or complicated endodontic cases – whether it’s a first treatment or re-treatment after other options have failed.

Working from out of one of our specially equipped and state of the art centres in London, we believe that one of the most important parts of the EndoCare service is the relationship we build up with you, the referring dentist. It is in everyone’s interest for us to work together – to ensure that the patient goes away with the very best result. Through close communication and advanced follow-up technology, we can make sure every result is the best result.

For further information please call EndoCare on 020 7224 0999

Or visit www.endocare.co.uk

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