How do you manage work-related stress?

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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th February 2018

Dentistry has long been associated with stress but how you respond to it, determines its level of impact it has on your work and wellbeing.

What you need is a well-organised, streamlined system of support to call upon if you feel are under pressure or need assistance, which is where the London Smile Clinic comes in.

The London Smile Clinic is a dedicated referral centre that can take on complex cases and support you with expert help and advice. There is a team of highly qualified dentists offering services to your patients and along with their advanced clinical skills they have the time needed to focus on a five star experience and quality care.

Our team ensures that referring dentists remain in control and are always kept fully informed until the patient is returned for continuing care. By extending your dental team to include the London Smile Clinic you can dispense with stress and rest assured that you can take on anything!

Dentistry features in the top ten most stressful jobs in the UK[1] so prepare well and contact the London Smile Clinic today.

For more information, please contact 020 7255 2559 or


[1] The Hub Events. Top 10 most stressful jobs UK vs US. [Accessed 14th November 2017]

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