New Metal-free, High Performance Material


  Posted by: Dental Design      15th March 2018

Reduce the chances of pain from oral galvanism, sensitivity and undesirable reactions by choosing removable partial denture (RPD) frames made from Ultaire AKP.

As clinician’s know, combining different metal alloys in the oral environment has the potential to cause galvanic currents, corrosion and exposure to metal ions. Don’t take that chance with your patients – discover Ultaire AKP.

This revolutionary material has been custom-developed by Solvay Dental 360 specifically to create biocompatible, comfortable, metal-free RPD frames.

Ultaire AKP is a high performance polymer that does not distort. It is strong enough to meet rigid performance requirements but it is also elastic in tension, thin and lightweight.

Patients love the feel of its bone-like properties and with unique frame and clasp designs, they can enjoy enhanced aesthetics and an excellent overall fit.

For good retention and comfort with no nasty shocks, contact Solvay Dental 360 today.

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