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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th April 2018

 Gone are the days of dental practices writing a few sentences for an advertisement in the local newspaper when seeking new staff. The search options for candidates are now vast and faster paced. More traditional methods are complemented by online searches and so having a strategy in place for the job hunt can make the process much more efficient, productive and successful.

Defining the objective

Having a clear and defined objective in mind can make the process more straightforward. The career path in dentistry can be as diverse as one wants it to be. This offers more opportunities, but the choice can sometimes be overwhelming; from working in general private or NHS high street practices, to going out in to the community or in an institution, such as a hospital. There are also positions available outside of clinical dentistry, such as in public health. Plus there is the breadth of specialties available too.


Online channels

Within this digital era, there are new ways to search for positions. A combination of online and more traditional methods can be used to optimise the chance of finding the perfect next move. There is an abundance of dental specific job search websites and with the use of search fields, the specification can be refined so that only the most relevant and applicable positions are shown. Most sites offer an ‘email alert’ to notify candidates when a position that fits their criteria comes online, and they allow job seekers to upload a curriculum vitae so that employers can find them too.


Networking can be carried out offline in person, or online over the internet. With the introduction of professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and more dental specific platforms like Dental Circle, the way in which the dental industry networks has changed. More traditional, but still very relevant networking methods include meetings with acquaintances, attending training courses, word-of-mouth from colleagues and peers, and through professional associations.

Choosing an employer

The type of employer and working environment is important in any profession, but particularly in dentistry. Due to the long hours, hard work and commitment required for healthcare roles, the full package should be carefully considered. Training, continual professional development, the prospect of career progression, and the employer’s ethical stance are important additions to the actual role. Rodericks Dental, for example, offers modern practice facilities, career advancement, a mentoring scheme and clinical support from a dedicated team. Rodericks put excellent patient care at the very heart of everything they do, while always striving to create the best possible working environments and progression opportunities for professionals

Searching for the ideal job can be a full time job in itself! Having a clear objective and using a range of channels can help to secure that next step in your career.


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