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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th April 2018

As one of the leading suppliers of loupes to UK dentists, Nuview is often asked what is the best way to clean, disinfect and maintain them in order to comply with the legislation and to retain the appearance and image quality Carl Zeiss lenses are renowned for.

Not only may loupes gather dust and general debris throughout the day, but they’re also very much in the firing line as far as pathogens are concerned due to splatter and splashes during patient treatment. If these contaminants aren’t removed effectively, they represent a cross infection control risk that may undermine all the other good practices within your surgery.

Though surgery decontamination will always be the priority, why spend all that time making sure your instruments, surfaces and equipment are immaculate, and disposing of single-use products such as face masks and gloves, only to fall down at the last hurdle on your loupes?

Section 6.29 of HTM 01-05 recognises that eyewear is reusable if cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions but accepts that this may still be difficult. It recommends that cleaning should take place when loupes become “Visibly dirty and/or at the end of each session.” The problem has always been what to clean them with, as like any piece of equipment with high quality components, loupes must be handled with care in order to produce first class magnification for a sustained period of time. This is why Nuview has extended its popular and successful Continu range by launching cleaning and disinfectant wipes specifically intended for dental loupes.    

For cleaning and maintenance, here’s what Nuview recommends:

  • When not in use, store the loupes in their original case.
  • Take care to never submerge your dental loupes in water or any other form of liquid, as loupes are notwaterproof.
  • Ultrasonic baths and autoclaves should be avoided at all cost.
  • Steer clear of cotton gauze as it may scratch the surfaces of the lenses, compromising performance and providing a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Avoid applying a disinfectant in spray form directly onto the loupes as this could damage component parts, so stick to wipes
  • When your loupes are visibly dirty or at the end of each session, clean and disinfect them using Continu alcohol free Cleaning & Disinfectant Loupes Wipes from the personal pack. As Continu Loupes Wipes are water based they are far less likely to cause damage and, as HTM 01-05 states, “If there is obvious blood contamination, the presence of protein will compromise the efficacy of alcohol based wipes.”
  • The wipes are great for cleaning the lenses and frames but it is important that the solution is wiped away afterwards to maintain your loupes in excellent condition so simply use a micro-fibre cleaning cloth gently but effectively to remove any surplus liquid.

With the new Continu Cleaning & Disinfectant Wipes, supplied in a handy personal pack of 35 wipes per pouch, keeping your loupes clean, disinfected and in excellent condition is now a straightforward task ensuring that your magnification equipment meets patients’ expectations of cleanliness and maintains the same high standards as the rest of your surgery. 

The Continu Cleaning & Disinfectant Wipes for Loupes can be purchased online here over the phone with one of Nuview’s friendly advisers by calling 01453 872266.











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