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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2018

Measuring a patient’s occlusion is an essential part of providing quality dental treatment. Articulation paper can often prove awkward to use, as it requires cutting to size and has to be held in place using forceps.

Why not streamline your clinical practice with Bite-Chek articulating film from Dental Express?

Featuring a unique built-in handle that eliminates the need for forceps, Bite-Chek ensures practitioners can maintain an easy grip of the film, which stretches without snapping back or tearing to prevent producing any false marks. Bite-Chek’s 19 micron film quality can obtain marks from various surfaces – including enamel, metal, non-metal restorations and plastic.  

Practitioners will also appreciate Bite-Chek’s double-sided design, which allows you to measure both arches at once for a more conclusive result.

Invest in Bite-Chek to make measuring occlusion simple and effortless. Contact the friendly team at Dental Express to find out more.  

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