Help save our seas with responsible waste disposal


  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2018

Up to 12.7 million metric tonnes of plastic are being dumped in the ocean every year,[i]causing devastating effects to marine life and the ecosystem.

Make sure your practice doesn’t form part of the problem by disposing of your waste responsibly with Initial Medical!

An expert in healthcare waste management, Initial medical has designed unique Colour Code Characters to help your practice implement the best practice colour coded system for waste management. This can help staff understand which waste product belongs in which receptacle and make it clear why these materials need to be separated, so they don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Initial Medical also offers a full collection, disposal and recycling service. This dedicated service ensures that all waste ends up where it is supposed to be.

To find out more about how responsible waste management can help your practice to preserve our natural environment, please contact Initial Medical today.

For further information please visit or Tel: 0870 850 4045

About Initial Medical Waste Experts

Initial Medical is an expert in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and non-hazardous waste and offensive waste produced by businesses and organisations within the UK.

The safe management of healthcare waste is vital to ensure your activities are not a risk to human health.  Initial Medical’s healthcare waste services ensure that all of your waste is stringently handled in compliance with legislation and in accordance with Safe Management of Healthcare Waste best practice guidelines, providing you with the peace of mind that you are adhering to current legislation.

For further information please Tel: 0870 850 4045

[i]Jambeck, J., Geyer, R., Wilcox, C., Siegler, T., Perryman, M., Andrady, A., Narayan, R., Law, K. (2015). Plastic Waste Inputs From Land Into The Ocean. Science Volume 347, pages 768-771.


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