Providing the care that children need


  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2018

Children can bring a number of complications to the practice that GDPs may be unable to deal with.

Younger patients with special needs, developmental disorders, or even those who have experienced dental trauma all require specialist care and attention.

But where do you refer them to in order to ensure they receive the special care they require? Why not choose Ten Dental?

Ten Dental’s specialist in paediatric dentistry, Dr Zoi Tzelepi, is able to provide children who present challenging cases with the care and attention they need.

Dr Tzelepi has an interest in managing children with special needs, as well as those that who have behavioural problems and anxiety.

Furthermore, she has vast experience in managing dental trauma cases, and can effectively restore traumatised anterior teeth using paediatric endodontics. She also regularly treats children and adolescents with medical problems such as hypoplastic teeth and hypodontia, meaning she can provide effective treatment for many cases that require specialist attention.

Following referred treatment, your patient returns to you for ongoing care.

Find out more about how Ten Dental can help provide effective care for children with challenging cases by contacting them today.



For more information visit www.tendental.comor call on 020 33932623


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