Why choose TANDEX?


  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd May 2018

Dental hygienist Corrine Tavares says…

“Working in a large, busy practice, I look for products that are good-quality, practical, effective and economical.

“I have been recommending TANDEX since I qualified, about 17 years ago! I most often use the interdental brushes, such as the FLEXI™ and the long-handled SOLO™ interspace brushes. I want an interdental brush that is durable, with a wide range of widths and flexibility, especially for posterior teeth that patients can struggle with. I get this with TANDEX.

“TANDEX also makes classic cylindrical and tapered interdental brushes, which enables them to snugly fit into the triangular interdental spaces for efficient plaque removal. The soft silicone handles on all the brushes are easy to grip even when wet, perfect if patients have dexterity problems.

“My other favourite is PREVENT GEL™, with fluoride and chlorhexidine. This interdental gel has the right consistency, stays on the brush and has a pleasant minty taste.

“I find patient compliance better when I recommend TANDEX products compared to other brands. I would love other dental professionals to try this brand for themselves! The display kit is eye-catching and everything is competitively priced.

“Start recommending TANDEX to you patients – you won’t be disappointed!”

For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
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