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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th June 2018

The CALCIVIS imaging system for visualising active demineralisation is set to launch commercially amid rave patient and practitioner reviews. Following the 2017 UK beta test across 20 dental practices, practitioners remarked:

“CALCIVIS enables us to see small areas that can’t be seen by eye or x-rays.”

 “I was able to be more certain after imaging with the CALCIVIS system whether there was presence of caries in the teeth.”

 “The patient understood more about preventive treatment and we were able to apply a fissure sealant that will prevent decay.”

Many satisfied patients also left positive feedback; here are just a few examples:

“It was painless and quick. I could see the pictures on the screen immediately.”

 “I felt that I learned a lot more about my teeth and thought the camera was brilliant, not intrusive.”

 “I can’t understand x-rays but I could understand the CALCIVIS images. The fact that it can show up lesions is very informative.”

“I don’t understand why all dentists wouldn’t have this.”

You and your patients can also benefit from this revolutionary new imaging system, so contact CALCIVIS for more information now.

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