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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th June 2018

Understanding occlusion is integral to providing quality care to every patient. Many clinicians rely on articulating paper to measure a patient’s bite, but 94% of dentists admit they struggle to analyse occlusion based on this method alone.[i]

Thankfully, the T-scan system supplied exclusively from Clark Dental provides the ultimate solution. Patients simply bite down on the T-scan’s unique sensor and every detail of their occlusion is digitally recorded before it is saved to a computer, ensuring secure documentation.

The sophisticated software of the T-scan enables practitioners to identify premature contacts, high forces and the relationship between occlusal surfaces. The T-scan is also able to track changes in a patient’s occlusion over time, as the system instantaneously displays a frame-by-frame image on a chairside monitor.

This not only streamlines the process of capturing occlusion, but also allows clinicians to determine where occlusal issues might emerge, so they are better able to engage with patients about their oral health and formulate an effective treatment plan.

To find out how you could enhance clinical practice with the innovative T-Scan occlusal analyser, contact the expert team at Clark Dental today.

For more information call Clark Dental on 01270 613750, email info@clarkdentalsales.co.uk or visit www.tekscan.com

[i]Tekscan. (2014) Clinician Accuracy When Subjectively Interpreting Articulating Paper Markings. Link: https://www.tekscan.com/news/clinician-accuracy-when-subjectively-interpreting-articulating-paper-markings. [Last accessed: 23.04.18].

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