Reduce dental anxiety, with the help of CALCIVIS®


  Posted by: Dental Design      13th June 2018

Interest and engage your patients in a completely unique, and fascinating way. Shift any negative perceptions of dentistry, build rapport, and help patients to realise the benefits of good oral health with the innovative CALCIVIS imaging system.

CALCIVIS is the first biotech product in the world to be used in dentistry: it applies a photoprotein to detect free calcium ions on the tooth surface and captures a glowing, visual map of active demineralisation at the chair side.

CALCIVIS acts as an early detection system that supports preventive and minimally invasive dentistry. It allows dental professionals to identify active demineralisation at its earliest and most reversible stages and provides an extremely effective communication tool that enables practitioners to deliver personalised information to each and every patient.

The CALCIVIS imaging system offers patient-centred education to increase understanding, motivation and reassurance. In this way many of the fears regarding the dental visit can be dispelled to add value and enhance the patient/practitioner relationship.[i]

To discover the benefits that this remarkable technology can offer you and your patients, contact CALCIVIS today.

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[i]Alban Fabien Gandais, Adam Christie, Bruce Vernon, and Amanda Gallie (RDT). Field evaluation of the CALCIVIS imaging system in the clinical setting with dental professionals and their patients in the UK (2017).

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