Sharp Shooting


  Posted by: Dental Design      13th June 2018

Selecting the best X-ray images is a crucial part of a dentist’s job, but it can be difficult to fit it into a packed schedule of appointments. Imagine the convenience of having a machine that does the job for you perfectly all the time.

With the latest Sirona ORTHOPHOS imaging systems from Sirona, your dreamt-of editing assistant is now a reality. The models, available from Clark Dental, are equipped with one-of-a-kind Sharp Layer (SL) technology, which capture several thousand images in a single rotation. Another major advantage is that every detail is captured more than once by the SL technology, which sifts through the images to select only the ones with the finest focus and resolution for remarkably sharp X-rays.

The ORTHOPHOS SL’s wide diagnostic range – from 5×5.5cm up to 11x10cm –  is matched by its unique volume depth level. Available in both 2D and 3D, it provides unmatched quality scans of the entire jaw, as well everything from endodontic issues, single implant planning and the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of sleep apnoea, among others.

Contact the expert team at Clark Dental today to sharpen your skills with Sharp Layer technology.


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