Making the most of employee benefits


  Posted by: Dental Design      20th June 2018

An increasing number of employers in the UK are offering their employees dental cover plans – what are you doing to take advantage of this?

If the answer is ‘nothing’ then it’s time to get in contact with Munroe Sutton.

By signing up free to Munroe Sutton, you will be entered into a vast referral network of businesses that offer the Healthy Discounts scheme to their employees. When any of these employees need dental treatment, they are directed to a Munroe Sutton-partnered practice, to receive the first-rate service they need at a great price.

This means that, by doing nothing except accepting Healthy Discounts members, you will become a hub for referred patients. All you need to do is offer the standard 20 per cent discount on included treatments. 

What’s more, as part of Munroe Sutton, you will also receive expert marketing advice from the team, unrivalled client support and free enrolment to one of the UK’s largest networks of healthcare, insurance and business institutions.

To find out more about the Healthy Discounts scheme, contact the friendly team at Munroe Sutton today.

For more information please call 0808 234 3558

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