Innovative patient communication


  Posted by: Dental Design      21st June 2018

Providing the best patient care takes good communication.

In light of this, make sure you communicate with your patients in an innovative and appealing way by implementing an advanced system like the CS R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental.

The CS R4+ software contains over 100 cutting-edge, high-definition animations that present information about treatments and procedures in a way that patients can easily understand. This will help patients feel comfortable and informed during their time in the surgery, and will allow you to help them engage in the procedure to provide the best patient care possible.

Furthermore, the Appointmentor Online Booking System gives patients a straightforward way to book appointments 24/7 for a time that suits them best, making it far less likely they’ll miss their scheduled time with you. This saves you time and means you can streamline your patient care.

To find out more benefits about the CS R4+ practice management software, contact Carestream Dental today!

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