Key Advocate for the profession


  Posted by: Dental Design      21st June 2018

When it comes to support and dedication, dental corporates and groups can rely on the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) to deliver.

That is because the ADG is a trade association that provides a nationwide support system for dental providers and employers (NHS and private) using a corporate or group model. The Association works in close collaboration with leading figures in the government and NHS as well as independent regulators and commissioners on a variety of issues, to ensure that members have the best chance of delivering a high standard of care.

Along with its active campaigning and ongoing commitment to awarding dental students’ hard work and ingenuity through its Bursary Awards, the ADG is a key advocate for the profession.

Moving forward, the ADG will continue to work hard to overcome barriers in dental care and ensure that dental corporates and groups can provide services to an even higher standard.

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