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Modern dental practices face all sorts of challenges. Even if your practice is thriving, there are daily pressures that can feel intense: taking diligent care of patients and staff, while maintaining high standards in all areas andprotecting your margins. Knowing where to spend (or save) money in uncertain times is an issue too. Small-to-medium sized practices may face threats from larger competitors, who offer a wider range of services and can treat more patients with more members of staff.

You may be doing well, but long-term success often depends on constantly looking at how to do things better. A successful practice not only needs to maintain its reputation, but strengthen it too. A brilliant team is often where it starts; great staff, who are talented, dedicated and know they are valued will give patients their very best, at every appointment. An enthused and motivated dental team is how excellent treatment is delivered, keeping patients coming back. In a 2017 employee sentiment poll, “a good team” was the top reason given by women as what they like most about their current jobs, with nearly 40% of male respondents agreeing.[i]This is a big clue about what employees can do to attract and retain staff: people like working with – and for – good people who are happy at work. 

Ways to motivate employees and encourage retention is a topic covered by any number of business articles, courses, seminars and the like. In a busy dental practice though, where every patient who walks through the door is unique, implementing innovative ideas and ways of working can often be (with the best will in the world) impractical. Also, it is usually the simplest and smallest things that end up becoming the greatest source of frustration and a reason for leaving.

But cover the basics and they provide a solid foundation on which everything else can be built. Take consumables, for example. Any successful practice must be properly resourced and well equipped with high-quality core consumables that are fit for purpose. If a member of the dental team, no matter how dedicated and skilled they are, does not have the right tools to deliver high-quality treatment and achieve consistently good patient outcomes, they will soon become demotivated, frustrated and feel that they are not supported by their employer.  

Supplying the right equipment is key to staff retention. For anyone joining your team, the time they spend familiarising themselves with what the practice uses will give them their valuable first impression about how it operates and the overriding culture in place. They want to know that they will have everything they need to do their job properly, to be productive and efficient. If core consumables regularly underperform, this is a red flag about how organised and well run the practice is. The best people want to use the best tools to protect their professional integrity and meet their patients’ needs efficiently. In turn, this nurtures patient trust and loyalty because good products are the conduits by which a skilled practitioner can deliver effective preventive care.

Using the right core consumables, from a trusted supplier, will give your practice a competitive edge. High-quality products will save time and money, because they perform well, first time. A reputation for excellent treatment that is also fantastic value and delivered efficiently can really put you ahead of the rest. For certain treatments, patients are not put off if they must wait for an appointment. In fact, they will often be willing to hold out for a dentist who is in high demand.

Quality is so important when it comes to everyday consumables, and in the expected level of customer service from suppliers too. Practice and supplier should both be committed to establishing a long-term working relationship, so you can learn from each other and share best practice. Your supplier is part of the dental team and you should look for the same qualities in them that you look for when hiring people to work in your practice: highly-trained, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing a personal service. Denka has been the only British-owned, family-run business and provider of quality dental consumables for over 20 years. Striving to help practices streamline their inventory, it constantly reviews its large stock of consumables to improve performance and keep standards of service high, ensuring that products are delivered for when they are most needed.

Even a successful and growing practice faces challenges. To stay positive and productive, you must look after your staff by giving them the right tools for the job. It is not only about high-quality scanners and the latest, groundbreaking investments – quality consumables from a trusted supplier will facilitate the process of delivering good, preventive dentistry and excellent patient care, giving assurance and peace of mind.


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[i]Investors in People. Job exodus trends: 2017 employee sentiment poll. Published 3 January 2017. Link: June 2018).

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