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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th September 2018

Practitioners can take advantage of the lucrative dental implant market by referring implant surgery to a trusted clinic, and then delivering the restorative phase of treatment within their own practice. This can be completed with very little outlay to the referring practitioner, who remains integral to the patient’s overall care. However, there is still a requirement for practitioners to attend a dedicated Implant Restoration Course (IRC) in order to gain the essential skills, knowledge and experience to restore implants confidently and competently. The most beneficial IRCs also introduce clinicians to potential referral practices.

Dr Charles Paterson is currently participating in Ten Dental Facial’s IRC, which is taught through a series of interactive lectures, seminars and hands-on practical sessions. This course enables practitioners to offer implant treatment to their patients, without having to invest in comprehensive surgical training, or the expensive facilities and equipment necessary to carry out implant surgery.

“Ten Dental Facial’s IRC is an inclusive modular course taught by two ethical implantologists – Dr Nikhil Sisodia and Dr Martin Wanendeya – who support their lectures with clinical evidence and case studies,” explains Dr Paterson. “They teach five modules over five days throughout a period of 12 months. The course is structured to ensure you have the foundations to treatment plan effectively and achieve successful function and aesthetics in implant restorations for simple cases, before you can go on to consider more complex ones.

“The venue for the IRC is held in a modern, clean, spacious, and bright space within a central London hotel. Delegates have a private seminar room that offers a relaxed environment to facilitate learning, which definitely made me feel comfortable to ask questions during sessions. There are close transport links to the north and south of London, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the UK. There is also an array of local cafes, restaurants and bars, providing the opportunity to network with peers at lunch or at the end of the day.

“The groups at the Ten Dental Facial IRCs are generally no larger than 10 or 12 delegates. This makes for a more tailored learning experience and a more personable study club, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions and have input within group discussions. You can also discuss cases you may be completing at present and problems you might have encountered with previous cases. The speakers provide personal support throughout the hands-on sessions of the IRC as well.

“In the beginning, you are provided with a USB containing relevant, up-to-date literature to go over at your leisure, which aims to support your learning. All the learning objectives are discussed in detail during the course, with clear and concise summaries also provided. If you have any questions or don’t understand something, the speakers are more than happy to help. In fact, Nik and Martin are very supportive. They are not only enthusiastic and continue to stay abreast of the latest advances within their own field of work, but it is also clear that they wish to see other dentists succeed in providing high quality, ethical treatment to patients, thereby progressing in their careers. This is evident in the care that both speakers have delivered to their own patients, as seen in the case studies they have presented.  

“As a result of Ten Dental Facial’s IRC, I’m able to discuss in more detail with my patients about the processes involved with implant placement and restoration. I can also answer any questions patients might have prior to being referred for an implant consultation. I’m now more able to help patients understand how implants can benefit their dental health, improve function and the appearance of their smile, and enhance their confidence in certain cases, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

“I help patients realise that implants are an investment into their well-being, rather than an unnecessary expense. Consequently, this has helped me personally identify those patients who I feel would benefit from implants. Since beginning the IRC, I have had a greater number of patients approach me for implant consultations, many of whom have then proceeded with treatment. I, myself, have restored three implants – all within six months, which is only half way through the IRC.

“I feel more confident in restoring implants, as well as managing and treatment planning for simple cases. I also know I have the support of Nik and Martin, as well as my peers if I have any questions regarding my current work. I would strongly recommend Ten Dental Facial’s IRC to anyone who wishes to learn how to restore implants safely through a systematic approach. The course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify the complexities of any implant case, so that you are able to meet and manage patients’ expectations accordingly.”

For more information about Ten Dental Facial and The Implant Restoration Course visit Facebook/Implant Restoration Course-IRC,, visit www.implant-restoration.comor call 020 7622 7610

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