Should I sell my dental practice? Rebecca Bird

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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th November 2018

Do you ask yourself this question numerous times a week? 

Are you feeling the strain of running a successful dental practice, maintaining exceptional clinical standards and patient satisfaction? Is it a constant battle keeping your staff happy and motivated?

Every dental practice owner faces these challenges on a daily basis and they often ask, ‘How can I alleviate this burden whilst still doing the job that I love?’

Selling your practice could enable you to continue delivering excellent patient care without the time and financial pressures of business ownership, and surprisingly, the process can actually be much easier than you think!

Finding the right balance between work and home-life, changes in personal circumstances or even planning for eventual retirement are just some of the indicators for raising questions of ownership.

What do you find most rewarding as a dental professional?

For most dental professionals, it is the patient relationships and successful treatment outcomes that provide the greatest job satisfaction. Retaining patient confidence and establishing a good local reputation is a goal all principals share.

There is never enough time!

‘How do I find the time to even think about selling or organising the relevant information to prepare for a sale?’ 

How can I think of selling my practice when I have invested so much time, energy and money?

If you have invested time, energy and resources into building up a successful practice, a decision to sell is never taken lightly. 

However, take the first step and have a look at the options available to you. 

Selling can lead to improving not only your practice and your personal working life, but it can also provide the possibility to enhance your existing services and patient care.

Finding the very best team to deliver a consistently elevated level of patient care is challenging at the best of times. If the people you work with are happy, feel valued and inspired, your patients in turn will receive excellent care delivered in a positive, professional way. Proper education and training is key to helping staff feel confident in their abilities, encouraging them to take on exciting new challenges and ultimately furthering their career. If you sell to a group of practices your team might have access to more training and personal development than is currently available as well.

How do I cope with selling and running a practice?

Alleviating the pressures of running the business and passing on the burden of regulation, compliance, financial management and training over to a company with the appropriate knowledge and resources can be the right solution in many circumstances. Furthermore, selling to the right buyer can bring with it more opportunities for your practice to grow, your staff to prosper and your patients to enjoy a continued high or improved standard of care for years to come.

Start planning your future today!

Why not join a group of practices dedicated to providing excellent patient care just like you? Many will also offer dental professionals several opportunities to develop and broaden their skills and knowledge, together with various in-house and external CPD learning events and courses.

Sell your practice confidently to Rodericks Dental who – being run by dentists – understands dentistry and the pressures of delivering excellent patient care. It is committed to building on your legacy and will facilitate a smooth transition process, completing in as little as 12 weeks from signing the Heads of Terms. You can be assured of receiving support from a dedicated team who are focused on achieving an agreement that meets your expectations both financially and emotionally, putting your practice, patients and staff at the heart of everything.

Fulfil your ambitions

Whatever your aspirations for the future, there is a range of options available to you and your practice. Talk to a company with a team willing to welcome and support you through your journey.


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