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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th January 2019

We are living in an age where aesthetics matter more than ever. Whether this is driven by the Instagram selfie culture of the modern world, or simply because we now have the knowledge and methods available to take our appearance into our own hands is difficult to say, but if one thing is clear it is that dental professionals should monitor these trends in order to deliver the services people want.

As more and more patients seek to straighten, whiten, restore or replace their teeth in the most aesthetic way possible, it makes sense for professionals to offer a wide array of aesthetic and cosmetic options. But what about NHS patients? Until now, the most natural-looking restorations have been unavailable for this portion of the public. However, with Monolith Full Contour Zirconia from CosTech Dental Laboratory, this no longer has to be the case. 

Uncompromised aesthetics

The biggest advantage that Monolith Full Contour Zirconia has is that it is able to give NHS patients incredibly natural-looking aesthetics. As a material, zirconia is able to imitate many characteristics of natural teeth, and it behaves the same in many scenarios making it a suitable restorative material for people looking for a more natural finish. This is because the material has an inherent natural translucency and this, combined with the fact that its shades fall into the same colour spectrum as natural teeth, means that it is virtually indistinguishable from surrounding natural dentition.

Formed from zirconia to echo the natural colour and texture of real teeth, Monolith Full Contour Zirconia is available in all Vita shades from A-D, so matching the material to a patient’s natural dentition is easy. Furthermore, as it is fully contoured it arrives in its final shape with excellent occlusal detail, saving time and meaning that you can fit the restoration right away.

A wide range of indications

Available at just £29.95 per unit and including free postage to and from the laboratory, this highly aesthetic option is now available for NHS patients and has been developed for use in a wide array of indications. Appropriate in both anterior and posterior locations, the material is also well suited for up to three unit bridges, opening up this more aesthetic solution for a large array of patients.

Monolith Full Contour Zirconia works on any crown prep design – regardless of whether the crown is being placed due to root canal, orthodontic needs or any other reason, it will always result in an aesthetic outcome.

How can this be offered on the NHS?

Zirconia has fast become one of the most popular restorative materials due to its strength, natural aesthetics, longevity and low plaque affinity.[i]Due to this popularity, demand has soared and this has brought down the price of the material in general, in turn opening up new opportunities as a restorative option for more people. Alongside this, the ability for laboratories to bulk buy the material has lowered the price further, meaning that the price of zirconia when bought in this fashion is on the decline.

Furthermore, due to the automation of certain processes and through the use of the very latest technology, CosTech has reduced costs even more by reducing the manual labour needed to create these high quality, natural-looking solutions. The laboratory can therefore offer the zirconia at a much better price point that makes it viable as an NHS solution.

An excellent alternative

As aesthetics is now a key factor in determining which treatment a patient will choose, it is likely that fewer and fewer people will opt for options such as full metal crowns. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns also have their share of aesthetic shortcomings, and the price of these is on the increase due to rising costs of technical labour. Many technicians are being forced to increase the quantity of PFM crowns they produce as part of this measure, and this, in turn, may reduce quality.

As such, Monolith Full Contour Zirconia is an excellent alternative to these restoration solutions, not only giving patients a better aesthetic finish but also a cheaper price point. In addition, Monolith makes for an excellent replacement to existing metal or PFM crowns, and you can suggest this to patients to help improve the aesthetics of their smile with ease.

Leading the way

Dentistry is a fast-moving industry, and therefore professionals need to keep up to speed in order to stay on the top of their game. NHS patients deserve good aesthetic options too, and with Monolith Full Contour Zirconia from CosTech Dental Laboratory you can guarantee that your patients will have a natural-looking option available that will meet, or even exceed their expectations.


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[i]Rimondini, L., Cerroni, L., Carrassi, A., et al. Bacterial Colonization of Zirconia Ceramic Surfaces: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2002; 17: 793–798.

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