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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th January 2019

Back in 2015, Sharon Collett started one of the UK’s first walk-in dental hygienist surgeries, offering a unique ‘walk-in’ service as well as an appointment system that has transformed dental hygiene in Hereford, Hertfordshire. As part of her mission to ensure clinical excellence and optimal results for her patients, Sharon offers Curaprox oral healthcare solutions – all of which have been designed to offer a safe, gentle and effective clean.

“Before when I worked in a general dental practice I was never able to stock or recommend products to patients,” says Sharon, “so when I opened my own clinic in 2015 that was my chance to introduce Curaprox – and I haven’t looked back since. Three years down the line and I still only offer Curaprox to my patients, all of whom love the products.

“One of our best sellers is the CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush. With their easy to angle octagonal handle and gentle CUREN®filaments our patients find the brushes extremely easy and soft to use. They also love the colours, while we like the fact that there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of damage caused to patients’ gingiva.”

Other popular products Sharon says that have proven to be a hit in the clinic include the CS range of interdental brushes and Black Is White activated carbon whitening toothpaste.

“Most of the patients that we recommend CS interdental brushes to comment on how easy they are to use, and that’s all down to the colour coded size system and flexibility of the CURAL®surgical wire, which is exclusive to Curaprox. This level of compliance ensures optimal results are achieved safely and effectively, not to mention that the brushes last five times longer thanks to the strength of the CURAL®. As for the Black Is White toothpaste, what’s not to like? It’s really good at what it does and our patients love the fact that they’re able to achieve a whiter, cleaner smile without abrading or bleaching their teeth.”

It is no wonder, then, that once patients have started using Curaprox adjuncts, they tend to stay using them – and with excellent results. “We’ve seen a huge improvement across the board,” continues Sharon, “and it’s all down to the simple yet effective design features that make the products so easy to use. That makes all the difference when it comes to patient compliance.

“For all of these reasons, and the fact that selling these adjuncts is good for business as patients will return to the clinic just to stock up, I would highly recommend to others.”


To find out more about The Hygienist clinic in Hereford visit, or contact Curaprox for details on how you could stock products in your practice.



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