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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th February 2019

Have you ever found it difficult to decide which training courses to attend? How do you select the best one for you? How do you know that it will be of a high quality?

Seeking the recommendations of friends and colleagues is the perfect way to start. They will be able to tell you exactly what the course offers, if it does what it promises to do, how good the lecturers are and whether it is value for money. What if you don’t know of anyone who has attended the types of courses you’re interested in?

Online reviews are an effective alternative, as they provide an opportunity to access evaluations from other professionals in a similar situation. A high rating system can demonstrate the quality of a course and so can the long-term popularity of a particular provider.

Take the training programmes available from IAS Academy as an example. These courses were almost completely sold out throughout 2018 – a sure sign that they are worth a look for anyone interested in anterior alignment orthodontics!

The IAS Academy way

All training offered through IAS Academy is centred on ensuring the safe and effective delivery of patient care. It teaches about correct case selection, thorough orthodontic assessment, comprehensive diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning. All training is organised and provided by clinicians who are highly skilled in the relevant fields of orthodontics, including specialists and extremely experienced GDPs.

Training is available for all the IAS appliances, offering a combination of initial certification, advanced, refresher and conversion courses. Programmes cover the Inman Aligner, ClearSmile Aligner and ClearSmile Brace, as well as the ABB (Align, Bleach and Bond) concept, dental photography and the orthodontic-restorative overlap. All of this means there is always an appropriate entry level for clinicians with any amount of experience in orthodontics, enabling all GDPs to develop their skills and expand their treatment offerings. In addition, IAS Academy provides a guided learning pathway for GDPs to follow in order to progress their orthodontic capabilities in a safe and effective way.

But that’s not all IAS Academy offers. Its’ ethos is very much about ensuring access to on-going expert support so that clinicians can deliver treatment in their practices with complete confidence that they are always operating in the best interests of their patients. Via the online forum, practitioners can post cases, seek bespoke advice and learn from peers, ensuring excellent standards of treatment and constantly improving their own competency.

Dr Kelly Gordon, Westpoint Dental Centre, recently attended an Inman Aligner training course and said:

“Training improved my understanding of the general orthodontic process and will enable me to offer the appliance confidently. I was impressed by the ClearSmile Inman Aligner and prefer it to other products. I think the course would appeal to all GDPs, as it’s helpful to better understand tooth wear, which is a huge general issue. I would recommend the training – it was helpful, informative and value for money.”


Also about the Inman Aligner course, Dr Clare Davison, Fresh Dental Practice, commented:

“I attended the Inman Aligner Course as I was looking to offer a minimally invasive approach to restoring both function and aesthetics. I was initially unsure if the appliance could be effective in many cases but the training proved otherwise. Dr Tif Qureshi was an excellent lecturer and it was good to hear a GDP talking about both orthodontics and restorative dentistry together. I would definitely recommend the course – it was very ethical and the best I have taken so far in this field.”


Dr Jon Henley, Darlington Restorative Dentistry Referrals, said about the ClearSmile Aligner course:

“On every level the course was first-class. From the content and the style and delivery of the trainer, to the support that was provided, the training ticked all the boxes for me. I wanted to refresh and improve my skills in this area, and that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve done. For all of these reasons, I would definitely recommend to other general dental practitioners interested in offering clear aligner treatment.”


Regarding the ClearSmile Brace course, Dr Graham Keeling, Rottingdean Dental Care, added:

“I took the ClearSmile Brace course to reinforce my previous training and to expand my scope with fixed GDP orthodontics. It met all my expectations, with excellent content and delivery, location, ease of booking and support. The ethos of IAS Academy is also excellent and I would recommend the courses to all GDPs.”

Thousands of dentists can’t be wrong – there is a reason why the IAS Academy courses were sold out in 2018! Discover the benefits of comprehensive anterior alignment orthodontic training and support for yourself in 2019.


For the full list of upcoming training courses or for more information,

please visit or call 0208 916 2024 and press 1.


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