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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th February 2019

Dr Sunil Chudasama is the Principal Dentist at DentalKind, in Billericay, Essex. Having completed his training at King’s College Dental Institute in London and then undertaken further training in restorative dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute, also in London, he now performs cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Here, he discusses working with COLTENE endodontic products on a recent case and details diagnosis, the treatment process and final appraisal.

Case presentation

I was recently asked to trial the HyFlex®EDM OneFile system and ROEKOGuttaFlow®Bioseal, a bioactive root canal sealer, both from COLTENE. I perform a lot of endodontic treatment (both primary and re-treatments) and take local referrals from some NHS clinicians. The case that I discuss here initially presented as a new patient emergency, experiencing acute pain from the upper right molar that was recently restored with a deeper composite restoration by her previous dentist. The patient, a female, was medically fit and well. General condition of her temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and associated muscles, soft tissues, as well as periodontal health, teeth and restorations were also all good and unremarkable. After special tests (vitality testing with COLTENE Endo-Frost cold spray, tenderness to percussion) and a radiographic investigation, a diagnosis of acute apical periodontitis associated with the upper right first molar was made. We discussed various options of extraction versus endodontic treatment and cuspal coverage (as a posterior tooth). The patient was keen to save the tooth and also understood the success rates for the treatment. The tooth was extirpated at the emergency visit and we completed the root canal treatment at a later date in one visit.

Treatment pathway and outcome

All treatment was completed under local anaesthetic and rubber dam. Four canals were identified and working length determined using an apex locator. Canal preparation was performed with the HyFlex®EDM OneFile system (from COLTENE) and irrigation was completed with a heated 3% sodium hypochlorite and 17% EDTA solution.

The canals were dried and obturated with the correspondingHygienic®GuttaPercha SpectraPoints®and ROEKOGuttaFlow®Bioseal, all available from COLTENE. A provisional self-curing glass ionomer restorative,Fuji IX GP FAST core, was placed and long-term we are planning an e.max onlay for cuspal coverage. The patient felt very comfortable during her treatment. We always give our patients relaxing music to listen to on noise-cancelling headphones and we also make use of an overhead screen showing calming images and scenery. The patient has since arranged to come back for the restoration of the upper right molar and she will now be joining our practice as a new patient, thanks to our great service and her extremely positive patient experience.


In my opinion, the COLTENE HyFlex®EDM OneFile system is an excellent system and much more efficient in terms of both cost and time than the one that I currently use. The fact that it is one file as opposed to four files means a huge saving in materials without compromising on the quality of the final result, and this results in a massive improvement in my workflow. The files are extremely flexible and initially I was worried about file fatigue/unwinding issues, however I found that it cut very smoothly resulting in excellent feedback. ROEKOGuttaFlow®Bioseal initially takes some adjustment, however the handling is very easy to use.

My results have been great using the COLTENE HyFlex®EDM OneFile system and post-operative follow up with my endodontic patients has been good. I will definitely consider using products available from COLTENE in the long term and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to fellow endodontic colleagues.


Pre Treatment                                                            Post Treatment

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