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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th February 2019

Having worked with Clark Dental since the year 2000, Dr Kish Soneji discusses why he holds the company in such high regard.

I originally started dealing with John Clark, who was very friendly, very informative and always helped me make the right decisions for me. There was a real family atmosphere about the company and I was never under any pressure to buy anything.

Even now, this ethos is still the same. This is one of the many reasons why I am still working with Clark Dental today.

Another reason is that the team offers good, unbiased advice on equipment, which is very useful. They have also provided the opportunity to visit manufacturers’ facilities so that I can learn more about how a piece of technology works and what needs to be done to benefit from the workflow it offers. This can be very important when you are investing fairly substantial amounts of money into new equipment for your business.

Over the last 18 years, I have bought a lot of equipment from Clark Dental. The training provided for each new product has been excellent. The team is either at the end of the phone or they take the time to visit the practice to demonstrate key features, especially with the big pieces of equipment. Knowledgeable team members people come in to explain everything properly and skilled engineers install the technologies correctly. They get to the bottom of any issues very quickly to avoid wasting time.

I have been very happy with the quality of products purchased through Clark Dental. I have always been keen to remain at the cutting-edge of the profession and therefore I have often been among the first few clinicians to adopt certain technologies. For example, back in 2000, I was probably one of the only dentists in the UK to purchase an in-practice CBCT scanner. From this point of view, it was incredibly important to understand how it worked, what it did and what support was available to me. Clark Dental provided the confidence I needed to go ahead with this.

I went on to buy other solutions such as dental chairs and X-ray units, which I have been equally as satisfied with. The quality speaks for itself – one of the Anthos dental units that I’ve had since about 2003 is still functioning just as well as when I bought it. The service and support from the supplier has been very good in this regard.

Most recently, I relocated a practice to Harley Street, London. I was looking for similar equipment to that which I had used previously, although I remained keen to stay at the cutting-edge. I visited the Anthos factory in Italy in order to browse the full range of dental chairs available. I purchased the Anthos L9 dental unit package, which is probably one of very few in this country of this nature. It is a premium product that features a knee break chair, which affords greater patient comfort. Another advantage for me was that the unit was customisable – I was able to integrate the X-ray machine, intraoral camera, implant motor and endodontic instruments into the chair design according to my own preferred style of working. This put everything I need in one place and I don’t need to move around too much during treatment for improved efficiency. I like that I am already familiar with how the unit works, but I have the added advantage of the latest technology and new features like a coloured screen.

I also purchased Apex cabinetry through Clark Dental, which looks beautiful and I’m looking forward to getting the practice up and running so I can show it off!

Clark Dental has really taken the time to understand my needs over the years and I’ve been very happy with all the equipment suggested to me and the advice given. The relationship and rapport that I’ve built with John Clark then Stuart Clark and Matt Rowlingson has made all the difference to my experience of the company. We work together to make sure things are done when they need to be and that I have help when I need it on an on-going basis. The design service provided is brilliant as well – they know how to plan the rooms to maximise on the space available and ensure ergonomics, which I believe is very important for easier patient management.  

I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Clark Dental to other practitioners. The team provides the whole package – it’s like going on an all-inclusive holiday.


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Author bio:

Dr Kish Soneji has a BSc(Hons) in Medical Biochemistry and an MSc in Radiobiology. In 1985 he completed his BDS and LDS RCS (Eng) and at the Royal Dental Hospital. He originally developed a special interest in dental implants in 1987, and in 2007 completed a four-year Diploma in Implantology (DUI) at Lille University Medical School in France. Dr Soneji also trained under Dr Hilt Tatum for eight years and has assisted as a course mentor since 2000. He is also a past President of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) and has lectured at national and international congresses on the topic of implantology.


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