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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th February 2019

For trailblazer Dr Robbie Hughes, Principal Director of leading Liverpool practice Dental Excellence, delivering outstanding patient care and promoting perfection within the private dental sector have always been key goals.










While he has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, the practice offers a range of treatments, which are delivered by a strong team of experienced dentists and specialists using the latest techniques, top quality materials, and state-of-the-art equipment. Most recently, Dental Excellence purchased the Carl Zeiss EXTARO®300 microscope from Nuview, a one-of-a-kind microscope suitable for a wide range of applications.

As Restorative Dentist Dr Craig Dewdney explains, the EXTARO®300 has become an essential tool with many benefits that help to promote excellence and improve clinical outcomes.

“Since the EXTARO®300 was installed, I’ve seen a huge improvement in the quality and precision of my clinical work,” he says. “I’m also far more efficient at tooth preparations than I was before and my shade taking is noticeably more accurate.” Dr Dewdney uses the microscope for preparation refinement of veneers, crowns and onlays; cracked tooth exploration; quality assurance of intaglio of ceramics to be fitted; and for polychromatic shade matching.

“Before Dr Hughes purchased the microscope, I relied on my loupes and light to assist in my clinical work, and I have to say that the EXTARO®300 outclasses my previous set-up in every way. From the enhanced magnification and illumination the onboard light provides to the microscope’s unique features such as the integrated HD camera, Fluorescence Mode and NoGlare Mode, using the EXTARO®300 has been hugely beneficial.

“The ability to take live photographs and video footage has been particularly advantageous, as it means I can communicate far more effectively with patients and help them to see issues such as cracks, which has greatly facilitated the understanding of treatment. It also helps with documenting soft tissue lesions for ongoing longitudinal monitoring, and when communicating with our onsite lab technicians in terms of margins and shade tabs. The other feature that has been good for that is the NoGlare Mode, while the Fluorescence Mode has helped to identify fillings for patients to visualise.

“It has also helped to reduce eye strain and fatigue, improve my posture and communication with my dental nurse, and reduce the risk of human error. All in all, I am very pleased and I would have no hesitation in recommending the EXTARO®300 and Nuview to other dentists.”

It’s not just Dr Dewdney and restorative patients that have benefited from the EXTARO®300 though – Specialist Endodontist, Dr Obyda Essam, also has high praise for the state-of-the-art microscope. He says:












“I use the microscope for everything! During the consultation, I use it to check for cracks in the teeth and to inspect the margins of restorations, while also assessing for caries. When performing endodontic treatment, it’s helpful to locate the canals, and identify perforations or fractured instruments. I don’t believe you can do endodontic treatment at specialist level without having access to a microscope. This continues all the way to my restorative treatment when providing coronal restorations, checking the prep margins and the fit of the restorations with the equipment too.

“The brightness and the lens quality of the EXTARO®300 are exceptional. I have used several microscopes throughout my career and this, to me, is the gold standard. The clarity of the lens and the brightness at higher magnification enables quicker and more efficient identification of the canals, leading to reduced chair time and stress for the patient. The depth of view is also excellent at higher magnifications, which allows enhanced visualisation of more apical perforations or separated instruments in the canals. I am able to use suitable magnifications according to the treatment I am performing, easily changing the settings for access, general endodontic treatment and canal location or strip perforation detection.

“Further still, being able to take videos and stills of the treatment process means better record keeping, better interaction with the referring dentist, better teaching aids and easier communication with patients.

“In addition, the Varioscope feature with easy thumb adjustment is essential and works very well for endodontic treatment, as I do not have to move the patient or the microscope to get into focus. This also means that my back is always straight and I have not had back problems since using the EXTARO®300.

“I would, without hesitation, recommend the EXTARO®300 from Nuview to other endodontists.”


As Dr Dewdney and Dr Essam make clear, the use of high quality equipment is key to enhancing treatment outcomes in a variety of clinical situations. To find out more about how the EXTARO®300 microscope could improve your daily practice, contact the friendly team from Nuview today.



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