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Dr Gurvinder S Bhirth, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist at BPI Dental in Birmingham, is delighted to be providing ‘Over the Shoulder’ observation sessions using the Carl Zeiss EXTARO®300 microscope. Here, Dr Bhirth provides more details and explains why the EXTARO®300 is the ideal microscope in the dental practice.









For dentists who are new to the world of dental microscopy, or are looking for a microscope that will tick all the boxes, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Trying out a microscope at a trade show or exhibition tends to be a popular route for dentists, and while it affords the opportunity to assess the functionality, one can’t fully appreciate its potential applications in clinical practice.

What we’re offering is the opportunity for dentists to witness the microscope being used during an actual procedure on a real patient, so that they can get a better understanding of how the microscope operates in a clinical setting. These unique ‘Over the Shoulder’ sessions are a great way of demonstrating how dental microscopy can be incorporated practically and easily into practitioners’ daily routines. Buying a microscope is an investment, so we hope to be able to help dentists during the decision-making process.

The sessions will be presented by myself at BPI Dental using the Carl Zeiss EXTARO®300. We will look at the microscope’s use in restorative treatments such as placement of direct composites and crown preparations. During these sessions, attendees will have the chance to witness treatment being performed in real-time with the aid of the EXTARO®300 via a live feed, and to try out the microscope for themselves. All ‘Over the Shoulder’ observation events will feature a Q&A segment during which practitioners can find out more about specific product features and the advantages these afford in certain treatments. We will also reflect on how the microscope was used during the delivery of treatment provided that day (segments of all treatments are recorded and can be watched back via the iPad connectivity).










For dentists who are interested in investing in a state-of-the-art microscope, these sessions provide invaluable insight into the benefits of using the EXTARO®300 microscope. This is a unique opportunity for dentists to discover, for instance, the full extent of the EXTARO®300’s ergonomic and practical design. By attending an ‘Over the Shoulder’ session, dentists will see first hand how the Varioskop® 230 and Mode Control affords easy access and ultimate usability. They will also learn how it’s possible to keep optics in focus and adjust the working distance without leaving one’s preferred working position. Many years ago, I sustained a back injury that resulted in on/off musculoskeletal pain, but with the EXTARO®300 I am able to work for long periods of time without suffering any discomfort – and this can be seen during the observation. Dentists don’t need to just take my word for it.

The same goes for the EXTARO®300’s exclusive visualisation modes. Any dentist that attends BPI to observe the microscopy procedure will witness all the benefits of applications such as the TrueLight Mode – which, for me, has been transformational during composite placements. Normally when you’re completing composite restorations you have to use an orange filter, which retards polymerisation of light cured composites.With the EXTARO®300, however, you can work using a natural white-light, making premature setting a thing of the past and handling of composite much easier. There’s also the Fluorescence Mode – which makes removing existing composite and dental caries much simpler and ensures the preservation of healthy tooth structure – as well as the NoGlare Mode for optimal shade taking.

Aside from all of this, our observation sessions provide an opportunity to meet and liaise with the Nuview team, who have years of experience working within the dental sector and an unrivalled knowledge of Carl Zeiss magnification solutions. If you’re looking to purchase a high-performance microscope that you can rely on from a team you can trust, Nuview is definitely the company to speak to.

For more information about upcoming ‘Over the Shoulder’ sessions and Carl Zeiss microscopes, contact Nuview.  


For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266,

email info@nuview-ltd.com, visit www.nuview.coor ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.






Author bio:


Gurvinder Bhirth qualified in 1997 from the University of Liverpool and completed a MClinDent (Prosthodontics) in 2018 at King’s College London. He currently works at BPI Dental in Birmingham and accepts referrals for a wide range of advanced prosthodontic treatments.





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