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  Posted by: Dental Design      27th February 2019




COLTENE, who develops, manufactures and supplies innovative, high-quality products and materials to the dental market, is delighted to announce its support for oral health charity Dentaid.

For over 20 years, Dentaid has been helping people all over the world access good, safe and essential dental care. At first, the focus was on refurbishing donated equipment and sending it overseas. But, as funding grew, Dentaid was able to extend its scope and start developing its own education projects, training programmes and volunteering trips. Initiatives like the DentaidBox – a complete, portable dental surgery that can fit into a wheelie bin – have allowed Dentaid to travel across the globe, delivering care and supporting outreach teams in hard-to-reach rural areas, refugee camps and countries affected by conflict and natural disaster.  

Dentaid now also works to improve oral health here in the UK. It supports oral health education in schools and developed the popular BrightBites resource packs for teachers to promote the importance of good, preventive care. Recently, Dentaid’s UK work has expanded hugely. In 2017, its mobile dental unit started delivering care to vulnerable people around the UK. It also holds clinics for fishermen at quaysides. The unit is invited to go and set up wherever there is a need; last year it travelled nearly 6,000 miles and made an immeasurable difference to hundreds of patients’ lives, many of whom were homeless and/or had experienced extreme hardship, including domestic violence. Dentaid, through its team of volunteers, was able to give these individuals back their pride, self-respect and self-esteem, helping them to smile again with confidence and removing the source of debilitating oral pain. With access to a NHS dentist impossible for most of these patients, some were often left contemplating pulling their own teeth to end their toothache.

COLTENE will be providing the mobile dental unit teams with Fill-Up!™, a dual-cured posterior tooth-coloured restorative material, for use in their clinics. COLTENE says:

“With around 30 per cent of homeless people living with constant dental pain, taking it away can be the first step on the road to a better and healthier life.[i]The more support Dentaid receives, the more clinics it will be able to put on and the more opportunities it will have to help vulnerable people.

“COLTENE is proud to be helping Dentaid improve the world’s dental health.”


To find out more visit, email call 01444 235486


[i]Dentaid promotional video, January 2019.

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