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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd March 2019

“I was motivated to attend the BACD’s Young Dentists Day event based on my ambition to deliver aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting results from treatment,” says Dr Ferdi Chum. “I thought the event would provide insight into achieving this goal.

“The presentations and speakers at Young Dentists Day were amazing. I think that for many young practitioners, the idea of BACD Accreditation is a distant achievement – if it is even a consideration so early on in our careers. However, it remains one of my long-term goals. Dr Joe Bansal helped simplify and clarify what I need to do and how I can work towards achieving the skills necessary for completing BACD Accreditation successfully.

“The lecture delivered by Dr Chris McConnell was also very insightful. He not only explained how to achieve high bond strengths, but also common mistakes made with bonding techniques, and treatment predictability. It was really useful to explore what I’m currently doing right and what I could do to improve.

“Young Dentists Day definitely exceeded my expectations. I attended the event with the aim to learn how I could achieve what other talented dentists have been able to do. All the speakers were helpful in providing practical guidance, but also essential career advice. One of the best aspects of the event was the opportunity I had to network. It was great to be able to meet like-minded individuals with a common goal in delivering excellent dentistry. The after-party organised by my good friend, Dr Ajay Dhunna, was so much fun.

“Attending Young Dentists Day has positively impacted my professional workflow, particularly in regard to my approach in collecting treatment data. For any procedure that I think is cosmetically focused, I now take all the photos I can during treatment. This gives me the chance to develop my photography skills, which ultimately enables me to improve the efficiency of recordkeeping practises.

“I would definitely recommend Young Dentists Day to anyone that is new to the field. As a young dentist, there is not always a lot of guidance on how to follow a career path in cosmetic dentistry. Emphasis from dental schools and foundation training is always placed on secondary care pathways and developing our career through hospital training. Young Dentists Day provided valuable insight into the skills I need to develop and what I should incorporate into my professional workflow, in order to succeed as a cosmetic dentist.”


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