Impression selection and performance Dr Minesh Patel from Surrey shares his experience of products and service from 3M Oral Care.

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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th March 2019









A well-adapted provisional restoration is required to maintain tissue health and provide an intermediate anterior solution for patients, which meets their expectations. Protemp 4 temporisation material appealed to me as it is a bisacryl composite – it can be customised using traditional composite resin and polished as one accordingly. Due to the improvement in filler technology compared to its predecessors, its strength is excellent for anterior and posterior situations and even long-term provisional bridgework.

For single unit posterior restorations, the material’s aesthetics are more than ideal and the polishabilty and retention of gloss is great. For anterior restorations the material can be modified on the buccal surface via multi-shaded composites to produce incredibly lifelike transitional restorations. This can prove to be an excellent practice builder for the discerning client. When one can deliver a fantastic provisional restoration chairside using a reliable material such as Protemp 4 temporisation material, your patient will instantly feel confident in your ability to deliver the final restoration, as well as recognising your personal attention to detail and enthusiasm to provide the best possible results.







Protemp 4 temporisation material is very easy to handle and dispense, and has just the right working time.

I currently use many products from 3M Oral Care. I have been constantly impressed with their impression materials and I believe the range of materials and their performance are both second-to-none. I love that I have the choice to use traditional prosthodontic impression techniques with a reliable material. Imprint 4 impression heavy body and extra light wash provides an excellent gold standard heavy and light single phase impression technique. Teamed with the 3M rimlock, rigid, non-perforated impression trays, you are guaranteed accurate impressions every time when applied with good technique.

Adhesive direct and indirect restorations are the current trend in minimally invasive dentistry and 3M Oral Care has got it covered when it comes to an all-in-one bonding solution with Scotchbond universal adhesive. This bond contains MDP and silane, so it can be used with RelyX ultimate adhesive resin cement to prime a variety of indirect materials following an easy protocol.















The customer service from 3M Oral Care has also been great. The sample kits provided have been excellent to get a feel for the products before I commit to buying them. The team are always willing to help and provide more information when I need it. I am very excited to be invited to IDS in Cologne to join and share my experiences with 3M Oral Care on an international level. Thank you so much to you all for helping to push dentistry in the right direction.


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