TANDEX to help promote oral heath in schools

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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th March 2019

TANDEX, the Danish producer of high-quality toothbrushes and other preventive aids, is supporting a project to promote oral health in Yorkshire schools.

Students from the University of Leeds’ Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy programme will be visiting schoolchildren aged between seven and nine to teach them about the importance of correct brushing, a good diet and regular appointments with the dentist. TANDEX will supply toothbrushes suitable for the children to take home and use after the session.

Student Vincent Nhemachenasays:

“The aim is to get children comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist and motivate them to keep up good oral hygiene. In the UK, thousands of children every year need to have a tooth or teeth extracted under general anaesthetic due to decay, which is entirely preventable. Children are also missing school because of oral health problems. We want to get the prevention message out there to help bring the numbers down.

 “We are going to help the children learn in a fun and enjoyable way, using quizzes and games and we’ll also get them to practise their brushing technique on models. We will teach them the basic composition of teeth and their different functions. The project has been specially tailored for this age group and we have tried to match the content with the schools’ curriculum too. We believe that by delivering oral health education in the familiar location of their classroom, the children will start to feel comfortable with dental health practitioners because of the relaxed setting.

“We will be giving out TANDEX toothbrushes as a motivational tool, to encourage them to continue practising good preventive care when they get home. We want the children to have a fun-filled day, but at the same time we want them to develop an understanding about why dental hygiene and regular check-ups are so important.”


TANDEX has been developing and producing effective yet gentle toothbrushes and preventive aids, that are suitable for all ages and dentitions, since 1931. The range includes interdental brushes, PREVENT GEL™ and WASH & PREVENT™ mouth rinse. To find out how the products can support your patients’ oral health, contact TANDEX today. 


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