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After years of coverage, dental practice design is still to this day one of the most widely discussed topics in dentistry – and it’s easy to see why. Having a well designed, modern practice complete with the latest and greatest equipment can help to facilitate workflow, improve treatment outcomes and attract and retain a loyal patient base. Given the chance, it is likely that most principals would consider refurbishing their practice.

Here, we take a look at a very specific aspect of dental practice refurbishment – decontamination area design. It’s less commonly referred to within publications than surgery and reception redesign, but it’s one of the key areas that should always be addressed if you have a separate, dedicated decontamination room (or rooms) and exploring the possibility of renovation.

Naturally, some of the design features will vary depending on whether you have a single room or the gold standard of two rooms, but for the most part the design elements that need to be taken into consideration are invariably the same. For instance, there must always be a ‘dirty’ area that is exclusively used for contaminated instruments. Furthermore, the cleaning and disinfection facilities such as a washer disinfector and washing/rinsing sinks should be adjacent to where the dirty instruments are received, wherever possible. Though if using an ultrasonic cleaner it is advisable to install it close by the sinks but separate from the receiving area. Any autoclaves should be segregated from all other areas to ensure the ‘dirty to clean’ workflow is achieved and you should have separate cabinetry with good lighting for the inspection of instruments before sterilisation.

These are just some of the considerations that experts recommend practices incorporate into their decontamination area design, and can make all the difference to compliance and workflow. Still, there’s more to decontamination design than following the rules and meeting stringent guidelines. It’s also about style and maximising the space available to you. To strike a balance and to consider every angle, a refurbishment requires meticulous planning in which no stone is left unturned.

As you might imagine achieving the perfect combination of compliance, practicality and style is no easy feat, meaning expert assistance can often be needed in order to get the refurbishment just right. A professional company that has extensive experience in dental practice design can work with you on all aspects of the renovation from beginning to end to ensure optimal results. Everything from completing site surveys and budgeting the projected cost to drawing up detailed 3D design drawings and project management is included when you employ the experts.

Using such a service will ensure that all the essentials like ventilation and air extraction and clean and dirty workflow segregation are addressed in line with HTM 01-05 guidelines, whilst getting the most out of your workspace. They will also work with you to choose quality equipment – including dental cabinetry, which are the cornerstone of dental decontamination area design.

The cabinets that you opt for can make a huge difference to ongoing practice, so it is essential that you take your time during the decision process to make sure that all the boxes are ticked. Ask questions such as: are the joints seamless to prevent the habitation and growth of dangerous pathogens? Are the surfaces easy to clean, impervious to wear and scratch resistant? Are they specially designed for use in the dental practice? And do they work in the available space?

Consider the style and colour too. Are you after eye-catching, stylish and modern cabinetry or would you prefer a more classic design in a subtle shade? RPA Dental offers a range of cabinets from leading manufacturer Tavom to ensure that you find the perfect fit, including the Kamal line designed specifically for sterilisation spaces that is available in either stainless steel or with a powder coating paint finish. All cabinets can be customised to your liking – including the colour – to suit your personal tastes and clinical preferences. But it’s not just cabinets that RPA Dental is renowned for. The team also offers a turnkey refurbishment solution that addresses all areas – workflow, style and effective use of space as well as compliance, practicality and functionality.

Decontamination area design can make a huge difference to practice outcomes, and as such, should always be considered when refurbishing. For enhanced workflow, improved treatment outcomes and a loyal patient base, take the right steps today.


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