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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd April 2019

Dentistry has evolved substantially over the last decade. Practitioners are now committed to providing the latest treatments, which have been optimised to help effectively restore patients’ smiles. Among those at the forefront of such advancements is Dr Robbie Hughes, Principal Dentist at the Dental Excellence Smile Makeover Centre in Liverpool. He has become one of the first to combine cutting-edge digital dentistry with a luxury facility, creating a unique practice that focuses on delivering an exceptional patient experience.   

Having earned numerous awards for his skill and passion within the dental profession, Dr Hughes has developed an outstanding reputation for providing bespoke smile makeovers. He has worked hard to develop a practice team that prides itself on excellent clinical performance. The artistic flair of Dr Hughes and his team ensures the delivery of first-class services that enable patients to improve their overall quality of life, as well as their smile.

“We’ve adopted a very forward-thinking approach to patient care, providing an element of luxury to dentistry that has never been seen before,” Dr Hughes says. “We always provide personalised treatment plans that focus on the patient journey. Dental Excellence is unique in that our practice utilises advanced technology to facilitate our work, thus increasing treatment predictability, reproducibility and consistency. As such, the quality of patient care is exemplary from start to finish. This is the future of modern dentistry.”

Dr Hughes believes that building a successful team enables his practice to thrive. He explains:

“We take a multidisciplinary approach towards dentistry, particularly as many patients require a comprehensive treatment plan involving different clinical procedures. As such, I’m keen on recruiting specialist clinicians so that we can continue providing a fully-inclusive range of treatments. I look for young, enthusiastic, highly driven individuals who are at the cutting-edge of dentistry, and are continually developing their skills and knowledge. There’s no such thing as a ‘Jack of all trades’ within our profession. Dentists master their skills in one specific area, and with a group of these ‘masters’ under one roof, Dental Excellence is able to provide the best possible care.”

Dental Excellence is one of the few clinics in Britain that boasts an on-site laboratory, which Dr Hughes claims is of huge benefit to his team and their patients.

“The laboratory improves communication between dentists, dental technicians and patients,” he says. “Practitioners are much more involved with the design and manufacture of dental restorations. The learning curve for both the dentist and the dental technician is phenomenal, as two people with very different approaches to dentistry are able to collaborate effectively and bounce ideas off of each other. Consequently, the quality of the cosmetic and restorative work produced by Dental Excellence continues to improve. This is a new concept for many patients, as various dental professionals are able to come together in one room to discuss the outcome of a patient’s smile. There are so many advantages to having an on-site laboratory – everything is accessible from one location.

“As dental crowns, bridges, and digital smile design (DSD) are a big part of our business, we’ve fully embraced the digital revolution. Not only have I invested in multiple digital impression scanners, but also a range of state-of-the-art dental magnification solutions, including the Carl Zeiss EXTARO® 300 microscope supplied by Nuview. In our laboratory, everything is 3D printed – including the bleaching trays – and the aligners are manufactured on site as well. We have been so heavily involved with digital dental technology that I believe we are at the forefront of the latest advances, which are incorporated into our professional workflow on a daily basis. As a result, the predictability and precision of the treatment we provide has been fully optimised. The speed of delivery is second-to-none – same-day smiles have become a reality and full-arch rehabilitations, in the right situations, can be complete within just a few days.”

The combination of a reliable team and innovative technology ensures Dental Excellence is able to meet the needs of modern patients. The expert team are also able to provide a trusted referral service to practices across the UK, which Dr Hughes hopes he’ll be able to develop further. Currently, Dental Excellence accepts referrals for both simple and complex cases involving oral surgery with IV sedation, dental implants, full-arch rehabilitations, smile makeovers, endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics. As part of the practice’s continued progression, Dr Hughes aims to develop the facial aesthetics aspect of the business in the near future, so as to provide a fully comprehensive service.

Dr Hughes adds: “I hope to create a practice brand associated with luxury and high quality dentistry, which presents a huge opportunity for further growth – particularly as this is currently a niche market within dentistry. I believe that Dental Excellence represents the future of our profession. My team and I strive to exceed expectations all the time by delivering an unparalleled treatment experience to every patient.”










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