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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd April 2019

In order for any professional to do their job well, they need to be passionate about what they do. Particularly important within the dental sector, it is the dedication of each individual that makes the patient experience as positive as it can be.

Rachel Manning, Specialist Periodontist, has had a vibrant enthusiasm for her craft right from the very beginning:

“Perhaps rather strangely, I’ve wanted to be a dentist from the age of 13. My friend was training at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and back then I was allowed to assist by suctioning (with no training or gloves). It was fabulous! I loved people and working with my hands so my choice had always been between medicine and dentistry, but I’m too active to sit at a desk all day. My introduction to dentistry fuelled my decision to follow that path.

“I like the creativity of dentistry and positive feedback when you see a happy patient. I love meeting new people, although some patients can be challenging. I also find the systems demanding – I have seen various reincarnations of and difficulties within the NHS. I have worked in hospital and practice settings in the past, however, due to absence of funding for periodontics, my work is now solely private dentistry.

“I currently work as a Specialist Periodontist. Periodontology is not always perceived to be a very glamorous field, but while I didn’t find it exciting as an undergraduate, the further training and complex cases I now see make it very rewarding. I have also undertaken advanced training in restorative dentistry and I enjoy complex treatment planning, implants, crown and bridgework, and dentures.”

Equally as important as a passion for quality dentistry, is an environment that facilitates it. This includes other team members – both clinical and supportive – the facilities available and the opportunity to deliver first class patient care every time.


“My practice team is friendly and all the dental nurses are well trained,” says Rachel. “There is a positive atmosphere and people get on together. It is not the same in every practice and it makes a huge difference when you’re spending so much time there! Rodericks works hard to promote team building. This is very important as you need to be able to rely on your colleagues for smooth daily workflows.

“I also have clinical freedom to deliver the highest quality of care I can. I am passionate about reminding everyone that there is a person attached to each mouth we treat! I always try to do my best, sometimes I just need to step back and rebook a patient. This way, you can be pleased with the job you’ve done, go home with your head held high and sleep at night. There are, of course, various pressures on dentists right now, but I think managing these gets easier with experience. I am very careful about taking my time and getting every detail right – the dental nurses I work with know that I won’t start clearing anything away until the job is finished. I would much rather retake an impression if it is not correct. It will save time and hassle later.”

Having worked at The Elms Dental Practice – a member of the Rodericks Dental group – for the past five or so years, Rachel believes this to be a great environment for dental excellence and professional development.

“The specialist service within Rodericks is very well run and high standards are maintained. It’s a very different setting to general dental practice – as it is referral based, you need to be more proactive in following up with patients.

“I share Rodericks’ passion for training and education, and I offer basic periodontal training for newly qualified dentists. I always encouraged them to take sufficient time to get things right. Booking long enough appointments and not letting time pressures get to you is essential – you will naturally become quicker with experience, but it’s important not to rush to avoid mistakes.

“It’s difficult to come out of the idealised world of dental school and into the reality of general practice. Only with time and care will you develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed for a long and successful career. The same philosophy can be applied to postgraduate training. In addition, I’d say it’s important to learn from your mistakes and to ask for help when needed. Never stop learning.”


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