Dr Billy Chan comments on Filtek Once bulk fill restorative from 3M Oral Care

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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th April 2019



Dr Billy Chan from The Gloucester Street Dental Practice comments on the Filtek Once bulk fill restorative from 3M Oral Care:

How long have you been using Filtek One?

Since it reached the market – plus, I was involved in the trialling of this product before it was launched.


What do you think of the aesthetics achieve with the product?

I think the colour matching and colour blending with Filtek One is much better than with the previous bulk fill material – it is more opaque. I really like it for posterior restorations.


What do you think of the handling and ease of use of Filtek One?

The handling is good – the applicator has a longer, narrower tip than before, which makes the product easy to place. Filtek One is also non-sticky and adaptable, plus it is easy to polish to a good finish with Sof Lex finishing wheels and I’m very happy with the working time. In addition, when used with Scotchbond Universal, it produces good results and features good wear resistance.


What’s the main benefit of Filtek One for you?

The main benefit is the deep curing capability of the material. I have had no problems at all with curing increments up to 5mm deep. In most cases, it is quick and convenient to only have to place one layer, whilst having confidence in correct curing at the deep margins.


Could the product be improved upon further?

Filtek One is almost perfect for me – the only improvement I would like is perhaps the addition of a Shade A4.


What would you score Filtek One out of 10?

9.9 – the addition of that extra shade would give the product full marks.


What has been your experience of customer service from 3M Oral Care?

The customer service has been very good – Lee Ferridge is my representative and he is always available to answer questions and we get on really well. I also find that 3M is very good at sending stock on time, including anything they have offered as part of a special deal or even complimentary materials, which is something that can take much longer with other companies. Overall I have been really happy.


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