Aesthetic wisdom – Dr Dominic Hassall and Dr Claire Burgess – The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019

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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th April 2019

This year’s British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show will once again host a variety of fascinating and useful talks. Among other luminaries, Dr Dominic Hassall and Dr Claire Burgess will be presenting sessions sponsored by Dominic Hassall Training Institute.

Achieving greater aesthetic results

Dr Hassall is passionate about improving aesthetic outcomes for patients receiving implants. He says:

“The demand for dental implants in the aesthetic zone continues to increase as they become a preferred treatment solution among patients. It is important for the clinician to provide a stable long-term option with optimum aesthetics.”

Attaining an excellent result that will last the patient years is imperative to avoiding disappointment – patients often desire as permanent a solution as possible. Dr Hassall contends that poor results can be anticipated and negated during the diagnosis phase of treatment, and that steps can be taken to avoid suboptimal outcomes. About his session in the BACD Aesthetic Dentist Theatre, “Improving Aesthetic Outcomes in Implant Dentistry”, he comments:

“During my session, we will cover how to diagnose when a compromised aesthetic result may be anticipated in aesthetic implant dentistry. We’ll discuss how to avoid such outcomes as well as possible treatment solutions to address any issues that do occur. Ultimately, delegates will leave the session with a better grasp of the techniques and materials at their disposal to help prevent a compromised result. Patient aesthetic expectations are increasingly rising and it is essential that we diagnose cases where cosmetic challenges can be anticipated in order to meet and manage them.”

A new approach beyond reproach

Dr Burgess will be elucidating on the Bioclear Method, an additive technique that has a range of applications within restorative dentistry, during her session. Entitled “An Introduction to the Bioclear Method for Monolithic, Superior Posterior Composite Restorations” to be presented as part of the Piazza Suite seminars, her lecture will demonstrate the benefits of the system and offer useful guidance.

“The presentation will provide a wealth of practical advice to all dentists who wish to experience a unique approach to modern composite dentistry,” says Dr Burgess. “The Bioclear Method has rebuilt the model for how dentists prepare and restore teeth with composite, discarding nearly all the outdated principles based on traditional composites. It also introduces the use of ‘injection moulding’ composite placement techniques and skills to predictably achieve good posterior contact points.”

Dr Burgess believes that revolutionary thinking in this area is long overdue, as she continues:

“The engineering of cavity design has not been readdressed since the time of GV Blacks cavity design in 1890. This system was created based on the retention of amalgam and results in cracking of the tooth structure. It is important that we review cavity design so as to be as conservative of the natural tooth as possible.”

As already mentioned, clinicians will no doubt have noticed the increasing demand among patients for superior aesthetic results, which Dr Burgess notes can present certain challenges with regards to restorative dentistry.

“As clinicians we are performing more and more direct composite restorations of posterior teeth, especially in times when cosmetics are important to patients, and the use of amalgam is declining. Direct posterior composite restorations are clinically challenging to predictably perform well and attain a good longevity. It is particularly challenging to predictably form adequate contact points and avoid post-op sensitivity. My session at this conference will provide dentists with some solutions to everyday problems with posterior composite restorations.”

An opportunity not to be missed

Dr Hassall holds the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show in high regard:

“Last year’s show was excellent. It combined some great, clinically relevant presentations that would benefit our patients, as well as products, services and materials to help us deliver improved care by making our dentistry less stressful and more profitable. I would definitely recommend all dental professionals attend as there is something for everyone.”

This is a view shared by Dr Burgess, who added:

“I thought last year’s conference was a great success. The selection of speakers and the content of the lectures was of a very high standard.”

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 will offer an array of educational features that will cater to the learning needs of all members of the team. There will be hours of enhanced CPD available, plus an impressive line-up of internationally renowned speakers and more than 400 stands across the bustling trade floor.


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The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2019 will be held on Friday 17thand Saturday 18thMay at the Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.


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