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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th April 2019

Treating adults with orthodontic appliances invariably raises different challenges when compared to treating adolescents. As adults have different lifestyle needs during treatment, this often means that patients will require combination treatment utilising a series of different appliances and products in order to achieve the best results.

As the orthodontic market continues to expand and more and more solutions become available, it’s time for professionals to consider what treatments they can offer patients and how to achieve the best possible results by putting the patient first.

Dr Adam Schulhof from the USA seeks to explore this new approach to patient care in his session entitled “Mastering the unique challenges of adult treatment” at Excellere 2019, hosted by 3M Oral Care.

The five factors

Dr Adam Schulhof says:

“During my session at Excellere 2019 I want to explore five different factors that influence patient decisions in regards to orthodontic treatment. I want to help other professionals realise that by appealing to patients in this way, you can offer them truly unique care that they won’t be able to get anywhere else.

“Each of these factors can heavily sway a patient in favour of certain treatments, and professionals need to understand this whilst still aiming for the best results possible. If this means that a combination of treatment solutions should be explored, then it is our responsibility to make this clear to patients and explain to them why this approach is likely to help them get the results they want and why.”

This session is the perfect opportunity for orthodontic specialists to take the time to explore different patient motivations and how to appeal to these in the way that they market and offer their services. Dr Adam Schulhof will explore each of his five factors in more detail as well as explain what he means by 4thdimension treatment planning – a unique concept that can help professionals to appeal to patients and set their practice apart from the rest.

Help your career excel with Excellere

Dr Adam Schulhof’s session is just one of many educational seminars taking place on the stage at Excellere 2019. Running on the 17thand 18thMay in 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, Excellere 2019 is a fantastic chance for orthodontic specialists, postgraduates and therapists to see how the field is progressing, learn more about the latest appliances and network with likeminded individuals.

Dr Adam Schulhof says: “I love presenting outside the US as the European market is completely different and full of a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints you can’t hear anywhere else. 3M Oral Care always puts on a great show, and Excellere 2019 is the perfect opportunity to share my expertise as well as learn from others – I’m very excited about attending!”

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