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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th April 2019

The current world population is comprised of many different generations. As life expectancy continues to increase, we are faced with a wider selection of generations all living together at once. From the older generations such as the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation to the younger Generation Y and Millenials, individuals who fall into these groups are diverse and will have different values, ambitions and attitudes.

For example, it is widely considered that the younger generations will have a better grasp of certain aspects in modern life such as social media and other web-based technologies as they have had exposure to these innovations from a young age. On the other hand, it is mostly assumed that Baby Boomer individuals are far more likely to hold a good work ethic as part of their personality.

Whilst these quirks and foibles are broad and there will be exceptions, it is important for professionals to understand these differences when treating patients, especially in regards to orthodontics.

After all, patient compliance is one of the key aspects in ensuring that orthodontic treatment is a success. So much of the treatment’s success depends on a patient’s ability to understand the procedures involved and to stick to the necessary aftercare to ensure long-lasting results.

This is exactly the focus of the talk entitled ‘Orthodontics and Generational Psychology’ that will be given by Dr Simon Littlewood at Excellere 2019, hosted by 3M Oral Care. In his session, Dr Littlewood will delve into the differences between the generations, exploring how their variances can influence their perspectives and how this may affect everything from the type of treatment they choose, to their ability to comply with the necessary steps for success.









Dr Littlewood says “no one generation is any better than another, but we as professionals need to understand that patients from different generations may have different hopes, aspirations, means of communications and requirements. Understanding these differences will help us to better understand our patients, learning how to work with them to achieve the very best orthodontic results.”

Aside from concentrating on patients, Dr Simon Littlewood will also explore how these generational differences impact professional teams within the practice. After all, as with society, it is likely that your team will be made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups and this can heavily impact the way that your practice operates.

Good teamwork is essential in any professional environment, but when practising orthodontics it is perhaps even more so. Without a shared vision between everyone involved in the treatment, it is likely that the patient will not receive the best care possible. This can have negative repercussions such as results failing to live up to the patient’s expectations.

As such, in his talk Dr Simon Littlewood will explain to delegates how to achieve good teamwork even when members of staff may have different generational perspectives, and why bridging these differences is essential in order to achieve optimal results.

“Understanding generational differences is paramount in order to achieve true cohesion in the workplace. By taking the time to appreciate and understand your colleagues’ approaches and aspirations, it makes it much easier to create a cohesive and happy workforce” says Dr Littlewood.

Dr Littlewood’s session is just one of many illuminating seminars that will be taking place on 17th-18thMay at Excellere 2019. Set in the exclusive 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, Excellere 2019 is gearing up to be one of the must-see events of the season for orthodontic specialists, postgraduates and therapists.

Other speakers include Dr Adam Schulhof, Dr Lisa Alvetro, Dr Patrice Pellerin, Dr Federico Hernandez Alfaro, Dr Paolo Manzo, Dr John Scholey and Dr Richard jones, all of who will be hosting sessions with a goal to take attendees’ orthodontic skills and understanding to the next level. There will also be a specific Lingual Parallel session hosted by Dr Roberto Stradi, Dr Ektor Grammatopolous, Dr Philipp Al Khatib and Dr Aurélie Guidoux and a UK professional specific session headed by Dr Peter Ilori that aims to provide top tips on surviving your NHS contract.

In addition to this world-class series of speakers there will be plenty of chances to mix, mingle and network with colleagues. On the Friday evening there will be a wonderful reception at Swingers – London’s premier crazy golf venue with cocktails and street food.


If you’re interested in attending 3M Oral Care’s Excellere 2019 event, make sure you register your interest here: www.3mexcellere.com


For more information, call 0113 2387 383or visit www.3mexcellere.com



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