Are lingual appliances an option for young patients? Roberto Stradi – Excellere 2019

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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th April 2019

Traditionally, lingual appliances have been reserved for the sole use of adult patients seeking aesthetic treatment. But should this still be the case?

Due to advancements made in the last ten years and the introduction of truly customisable lingual appliance systems, it is arguably now possible for young teenagers to be treated using these appliances. It is exactly this that forms the focus of a lecture to be given by Dr Roberto Stradi at Excellere 2019, hosted by 3M Oral Care.

Headlining a series of talks that surround lingual appliances, Dr Stradi’s session entitled “Incognito™ in early teens: a feasible solution for our younger patients?” sets out to explore this subject in detail, combining case studies with facts and tips to paint a clearer picture of the possibilities.

Changes to the industry

Dr Roberto Stradi says:

“It is widely assumed that lingual treatment is not possible for younger children and teenagers, and therefore it has never been seen as an option for these patients. However, in modern dentistry this is simply no longer the case. Before we had highly customisable appliances, it made sense that we were unable to achieve the required results in younger patients, but this has changed in the last fifteen years or so. Now we have appliances that are truly bespoke to the patient in every way, and professionals should start to consider lingual appliances as another option for these patients.

“The main challenge when it comes to offering lingual treatment for children and teenagers is the pervading attitude that the treatment, in itself, isn’t possible. There are some logistical difficulties in providing care to much younger patients too – namely that their teeth tend to be smaller and lack vertical height, so placing the equipment without debonding presents other challenges too. In my talk I will give people attending lots of tips and tricks to ensure that these hurdles can be overcome.”

Supported by clinical evidence

As with any ideas involving new treatment concepts, it’s necessary to look at the clinical evidence to see how orthodontic treatment for this age group has been achieved using lingual appliances.

Dr Roberto Stradi says:

“In my session at Excellere 2019, I will present a number of cases that show exactly why lingual appliances are a viable treatment, even for younger patients – sometimes as young as 10 or 11 years old. Through these case studies I hope to inspire delegates to see that lingual treatment has advanced so much and is now just as reliable, predictable and effective as traditional treatment methods.

“All of the young patients I have treated in this way are aware that they have received treatment that is special and unique. They tell their friends and schoolmates – kids simply want to enjoy technology and the latest advancements – and this is a good way to help ensure patient satisfaction. Offering lingual appliances for young teenagers is also a distinguishing feature that can help set a practice apart from others. By learning how to use these appliances, professionals can add another string to their bow, or another ‘arrow’ as we say in Italy, so that they can always find a solution that suits their patients.

“What I really want professionals to take away from my session at Excellere 2019 is that lingual orthodontic appliances are a viable option for treatment in patients of a wide range of ages. Of course, whether you use these discreet solutions is dependent on how you feel about them and how they fit with your working style, but learning to use them is definitely a good way to explore a new side of orthodontics and give your practice an edge.”

Explore orthodontics fully at Excellere 2019

Dr Roberto Stradi’s session is one of a small group of lectures at Excellere 2019 focusing directly on lingual orthodontic appliances. His talk joins sessions by the likes of other key players in the field including Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos, Dr Philipp Al Khatibb and Dr Aurélie Guidoux.

Alongside these focused sessions, other leading lights in orthodontics will present lectures on the main stage. These presentations will cover interesting aspects of modern orthodontics including the generational psychology of patients and staff, the powers of relationship marketing and other key topics of interest.

Dr Roberto Stradi adds:

“I am very much looking forward to speaking at Excellere 2019. I have worked closely with 3M Oral Care for some time now, and I always look forward to seeing the international community so that we can share our views and opinions.

“Products from 3M Oral Care are of exceptional quality., The Incognito™ appliance system is truly fantastic, and as it is truly bespoke to every patient and supported by years of continued research, it is the best way to proceed with aesthetic solutions.”


Excellere 2019 takes place in London on 17thand 18thMay.


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